Island Activities around Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is so much more than just a beach. We spent years exploring the island and our knowledge of our family retreat is second to none. If you’re interested in exploring, be sure to come and see our travel desk as we can organize tailor-made tours for you and your party. If you prefer to make your own way, we can assist in car or motorbike rental and point you in the right direction.


Beyond the crisp white sand of our private beach, there are plenty more around the island to discover. From long stretches of pure white sand to hidden rock bays enveloped in jungle, there are beaches to suit every taste and every mood. If beach exploration is your thing, Phu Quoc is the place to be and we can tell you where to head.

Fish Sauce Distillery

Fish sauce is undoubtedly the most important condiment in Vietnamese cuisine. It is also a significant contributor to Phu Quoc’s economy. A variety of distilleries are now open to the public for visitors to get a better understanding of how this vital ingredient is produced. Gift shops sell different grades of fish sauce so you can find what’s right for you and take a taste of Vietnam back home.

Pearl Farms and Shops

For many years Phu Quoc was known for its high quality pearls. These days the quality varies, but it’s still possible to find exquisite specimens at bargain prices. Many pearl shops also have stations where you can understand how the pearls are farmed and extracted.


An island paradise isn’t complete without some cascading waterfalls, and Phu Quoc is no exception. Many of the waterfalls on Phu Quoc are jungle covered oases with rock pools suitable for swimming.

Phu Quoc National Park

The Island’s only national park covers a huge portion of Phu Quoc and is well-worth exploring. Scenic roads cut through the park, which means the park can be enjoyed by car or motorbike, as well as via walking trails.

Diving and Snorkeling

We are partnered with Flipper Diving Club, Phu Quoc’s longest established dive center. If you’re not yet certified then this may be your opportunity, as Flipper Diving Club has a variety of courses available. If you’re already certified, there are a number of enticing dive sites.

Jeep Tours

A lot of Phu Quoc is still only accessible by jeep, which makes jeep tours an exciting way to get around and see secret corners of the island. This is the best way to escape the crowds and get off the beaten track.

Honey Bee Farm

Phu Quoc’s organic bee farm is also open to visitors wanting a more unusual tourist experience. Passionate bee farmers will explain the precise and complicated nature of bee farming before you get to sample the end product for yourself.


Sandwiched in between the jungle and the sea, Phu Quoc’s golf course is a delight. The 27-hole green was designed by IMG Worldwide and is best enjoyed at sunset, though stunning views are available throughout the day.

Amusement Park

Phu Quoc’s amusement park, which also includes a water park and an aquarium, is ideal for the young and the young at heart. In the northern part of the island, it’s worth taking the whole day if you have young ones to entertain.


The Phu Quoc go-karting track is situated right in the jungle – a serene setting to tear up the road! Located just 20 minutes from Cassia Cottage, it provides some balance after spending the other half the day lying on the beach.