Cassia Cottage began as a spice trader’s private family retreat. We scaled Vietnam’s northern mountains in search of cassia and trekked its southern jungles in pursuit of pepper. When we reached Phu Quoc, we made a different sort of discovery: a palm fringed paradise unspoiled by modernity.

Years passed before guidebooks discovered Phu Quoc. When they did, our family began inviting in the intrepid travelers who washed up on our beach.

Boutique Hospitality

We have watched Phu Quoc Island grow from an unchartered tropical island to a vibrant holiday-maker’s paradise. But as other parts of the island sprouted competing high-rise hotels, Cassia Cottage remained deliberately quaint.

We believe in hospitality. We recognize good friends. We prepare meals from carefully chosen ingredients. We lovingly tend to our garden as if it were still our own secret retreat.

An Intimate Family-Run Retreat

Cassia Cottage is still a much loved place for our family. It preserves the essence of the old Phu Quoc; a meditative sanctuary where pressures and hassles wash out to sea. We want our cottage to mean as much to you as it does to us. You will arrive at Cassia Cottage a guest. You’ll return an old friend.