Cassia Cottage began as a spice trader’s private family retreat. We scaled Vietnam’s northern mountains in search of cassia and trekked its southern jungles in pursuit of pepper. When we reached Phu Quoc, we made a different sort of discovery: a palm fringed paradise unspoiled by modernity.

Years passed before guidebooks discovered Phu Quoc. When they did, our family began inviting in the intrepid travelers who arrived on our beach.

Intimate Family-Run Boutique Hospitality

We have watched Phu Quoc Island grow from an unchartered tropical island to a vibrant holiday-maker’s paradise. But as other parts of the island sprouted competing high-rise hotels, Cassia Cottage preserved the essence of the old Phu Quoc. We remain deliberately quaint.

Cassia Cottage is still a much loved place for our family and we want our cottage to mean as much to you as it does to us. Our meals are prepared from carefully chosen ingredients. We lovingly tend to our garden as if it were still our own secret retreat. We give you warm local hospitality with genuine care.

You will arrive at Cassia Cottage a guest. You will return an old friend.

Sustainability & Environmental Consciousness

Right from the beginning, Cassia Cottage recognised the responsibility of being part of the Phu Quoc community. We respect the local culture, support the local economy, and minimise our impact on the environment.

Green Policy

  • We use a smaller electric generator in daily light hours
  • Solar heating is installed for hot water in some parts of the resort
  • Towels and linen are laundered in-house without bleach, and air-dried
  • We provide chlorine-free natural drinking water from a deep well on the property.
  • Guests are encouraged to re-use towels and linens during their stay
  • We do not use any harsh chemicals, colored cleaning products or artificial scents
  • Composting rubbish and grinding tree debris for use as fertilisers in our garden
  • No chemical fogging for mosquito control. Instead we have electric pest control appliances, mosquito netting, and through nature from frogs and fish that feed on them.
  • Grey water is recycled for use in our gardens.


  • We source locally whenever possible, supporting local producers, farmers and fishermen.
  • We support the development and progress of the Phu Quoc inhabitants by recruiting locally.

They may have come to us with limited education, but if they have talent and motivation we provide the training and the opportunity to grow with us.