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Cassia Wellness

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The Spice House Restaurant

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Chào mừng đến với Cassia cottage

Chào mừng về với chính ngôi nhà của bạn

Cassia Cottage khởi đầu là căn biệt thự của gia đình một thương nhân gia vị, sau đó qua thời gian, được phát triển thành một khu nghỉ dưỡng sang trọng, độc đáo trên đào ngọc Phú Quốc. Nơi đây vẫn lưu giữ được tinh hoa của Phú Quốc từ ngàn xưa, mộc mạc và thanh bình. Hãy để mọi ưu phiền tan vào gió biển, để những con sóng cuốn trôi nhịp sống hối hả ra ngoài khơi xa.

Mark B, Owner

Seducer of Singular Events,
Surveyor of Possibilities,
Sailor of Seas

Rest in Comfort

Phòng và biệt thự

Modern Premium (from $95)

Enjoy a small private courtyard with an outdoor rain shower for an exotic bathing experience. Elegantly simple interiors complemented by natural local wood furnishings.

1x King Ensuite
Air-Conditioning Terrace

Đặt chỗ ngay
Modern Deluxe (from $81)

Enjoy sweeping views of the setting sun from your own balcony. Elegantly simple interiors complemented by natural local wood furnishings.

1x King Ensuite
Air-Conditioning Terrace

Đặt chỗ ngay

Garden Cottage (from $178)

Follow the winding paved garden paths to reach these delightful cottages, tucked away behind lush greenery of the heritage garden.

1x Queen Ensuite
Air-Conditioning Terrace

Đặt chỗ ngay

Large Seaview (from $246)

Set amidst the old heritage garden, these rooms enjoy breezy terraces beside the swimming pool and peaceful ocean view.

1x Queen Ensuite
Air-Conditioning Cảnh biển tuyệt đẹp

Đặt chỗ ngay

Standard Seaview (from $216)

Open your window and fall in love with one of the best views on the island.

1x Queen Ensuite
Air-Conditioning Cảnh biển tuyệt đẹp

Đặt chỗ ngay

The Beach House (from $410)

Surrounded by lush gardens in the heritage wing, the Beach Houses offer the most spacious accommodation option. They feature 2 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and a separate living room that catches the ocean breeze.

2x Queen Ensuite
Air-Conditioning Cảnh biển tuyệt đẹp

Đặt chỗ ngay


Phòng và biệt thự

Thư giãn trong từng khoảnh khắc

The Cassia Experience

Nhà hàng Spice House


The Malabar

Sea-view Bar

Cassia Wellness

Spa & Massage


“I don’t know a damned thing about the spice business but I know a lot about hotels. You have put together an excellent one.”

Bill Goodwin

Frommer’s South Pacific, Tahiti & French Polynesia, and Fiji Guides


A Perfect Getaway I would very much definitely recommend Cassia Cottage. Stunning place in a brilliant location.The long private stretch of beach was a piece of paradise. One of the highlights of the trip was definitely the food. Chef Florent made sure to treat us to a memorable culinary journey. Moreover, service was absolutely spot on. All of the staff are extremely welcoming and friendly. Everyone there always greets you with a smile, amazing! Definitely looking forward to our next visit there!
Jean Grey
Jean Grey
Beautiful hotel and fantastic staff! We loved our stay at Cassia Cottage, the room was beautifully decorated and spacious. The hotel was really charming with a large pool right by the sea with breathtaking views! The restaurant was fantastic both for breakfast and dinner. We also really enjoyed the yoga classes! We had an incredible time and would definitely book it again on a future trip to Vietnam & Phu Quoc!! Thank you to all the staff who made our stay truly relaxing and unforgettable.
Elise D
Elise D
lovely resort we stayed for a week in a lovely deluxe room with a garden we couldn't have asked for more. on arrival reception told us all about the resort showed us around the room and everything on offer. we had breakfast every morning very nice staff very helpful lots of variety , we also had dinner here in the spice lounge very nice food would definitely recommend it at least once. its a lovely beach and pools cocktail every afternoon around the pool, all very peaceful nice walks on the beach lots of bars along the way. we ate out quite a lot 5 minutes walk up the road lots of choice every restaurant was nice. we hired a scooter from the hotel for the day was about £13 very cheap and looked better than the ones in the shops around the hotel. if we went back to phu quoc would go back here its lovely all the staff so nice there is yoga lessons too but didn't have time to attend but lots did. its all quite flat walking so if mobility is an issue you would be fine here
das schönste Zuhause im Urlaub Wir waren zum zweiten Mal in Cassia Cottage, dieses Mal für ganze vier Wochen. Schon die Ankunft fühlte sich an wie Nach-Hause-kommen, einladend, sanft, familiär; bekannte Gesichter und einige neue, die auch bald bekannt waren. Wir lieben "unser" Zimmer, geräumig, kühl, mit der Außendusche unter Bambus. Das Meer ist von der Terrasse aus zu hören, vom Garten weht der Duft der Blüten, die hohen Palmen bieten Schatten in der Mittagszeit. Es gibt keinen Grund, das Gelände zu verlassen, weil alles,alles da ist, was das Herz begehrt. Essensgelüste werden aufs Feinste im Spice House befriedigt, Yogastunden morgens und/oder abends bringen zusätzliche innere Ruhe und Entspannung, und dann die Sonnenuntergänge am Strand ... Wir freuen uns schon auf das nächste Mal!
Cassia Cottage
Cassia Cottage
Peaceful retreat My wife and I finished a two week tour of Vietnam with a few days here. Wonderful place to relax and unwind. Lovely grounds, sunsets you could ever tire of, delicious home grown foods, and fab staff. Jennie on reception was super friendly and helpful.
4 nights stay in march 2020 We booked a room for 4 nights in 2020 march -16th. We reserved the large room N°167 with the best view on the swimming pool . We enjoyded our stay due to the amazing place : clean / very nice rooms / luxuriant vegetation / clean beach with a filet in the sea for protection against the jellyfishes and garbages transported by the wind around de seaside cost of phu quoc. I have 2 N° small remarks : 1) the sand of the beach was not raked as usual 2) too many young waiters speaking a very bad english were in direct contact with customers , it is a pity for the high quality level of the hotel providing that someone are speaking a good english. I would like to give great congratulations to the french chief cooker called FLORENT PASSARD who is doing a marvalous cooking with a mixt of spices; many colors and flavours . Really i am ready to return to this hotel with great pleasure
Bästa hotellet & läge på Long Beach Ett av de bättre hotellen vi bott på, bra service, trevlig personal. Det fanns alltid lediga solstolar, du kunde välja att ligga vid poolen, stranden eller på gräs/sandytor. Gratis drink varje dag kl. 16:00 för alla hotellets gäster. Bra frukost, plus att det fanns både Vietnamesiskt och "vanligt" kaffe till frukosten, nybakat bröd av olika varianter fylldes på eftersom. Personalen kom varje kväll och drog för myggnätet över sängen. På Cassia är även vattnet drickbart, smakade som ”hemma”. Tycker nog att Cassia låg vid den bästa delen på Long Beach. Long Beach är inte en direkt promenad strand, går man vid vattnet går man snett, går man längre upp så blir det tungt då man sjunker ner i stranden.
Yvonne J
Yvonne J
Wonderfull resort This is a truly romantic and special resort location set on the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc. The grounds are stunning with beautiful cottages with 3 pools right on a lovely sand beach. There is a great bar and restaurant and very friendly staff. We had an amazing end to our Vietnam tour here, resting in luxury. Watching the sunset on the beach and enjoying paradise. We will be returning.
Mark K
Mark K
Perfect place for the sunset, eco-friendly resort. I stayed here in December by myself. Sang makes me feel so welcomed by her fast check in. Missed her smile so far. The Spice House is best on the island. I loved Volcano cake - chocolate mousse of Chef Florence. Tammy and Julie organised the snorkeling tour for me. I was impressed by their tour as Tammy is so professional. She showed me lots of things under the water and we picked of rubbish from the ocean together. The room is so great. I stay in deluxe room on the 2nd floor with great ocean view^^. Malabar is a chill place for breathtaking sunset and beautiful singing from Tammy on weds, Fris and Suns. Complimentary yoga classed of Sasha is a highlight. She is so well trained and great instructor. Thank you for you relax classes Highly recommended! I will definitely comeback for next vacation.
Nay L
Nay L
We love this place This was our second stay at Cassia Cottages (and we would love to do a third) That should say it all. The accomodation is fantastic, well appointed and eco-friendly. (you can even drink the water out of the tap - no need for bottled water and great for the environment). Staff are warm, friendly and attentive yet non-intrusive. Food at Cassia is excellent with daily changing breakfast choices. If you want a fantastic holiday, excellent value, right on the beach yet close enough to all amenities, don’t go past Cassia Cottages.

“Lovely spacious clean room, great decoration, beautiful lush garden, well trained and super friendly staffs,
had enjoyed our stay at Cassia Cottage pretty much. Definitely worth a comeback!”

Eric Trung Nguyen

Indochine movie’s French actor

“The small patio in front of the room was my favourite place for reading“

John Wosny

Guest from Germany

“Hats off to Cassia Cottage! You deserve all the recognition that you get for your beautiful establishment.
Customer service has been excellent too!”

Chris Blake

Guest from New Zealand

Our Compliments

Hotel Features

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thiện với môi trường
Conscious Resort

Lớp Yoga miễn phí hai lần mỗi ngày, 6 lần một tuần

Giỏ trái cây đón khách miễn phí


Nhà hàng Spice House

Hãy đến với nhà hàng Spice House để thưởng thức những món ăn ngon được chế biến theo công thức của gia đình, kết hợp hài hòa giữa tinh hoa ẩm thực Việt với hương vị độc đáo từ vùng Địa Trung Hải. Mỗi món ăn là sự hòa trộn hoàn hảo giữa sản vật tự nhiên, với kiến thức phong phú về các loại gia vị của người Việt.

Nhà hàng Spice House


Your Body & Senses

Tận dụng lợi thế của cảnh quan thiên nhiên tươi đẹp, chúng tôi xây dựng những phòng trị liệu và massage ngoài trời nằm gọn trong những không gian yên tĩnh dưới bóng cây và tiếng rì rào của sóng biển.

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Cùng Khám phá những địa điểm lặn biển đặc sắc tại Phú Quốc với đối tác của chúng tôi, Area 11DiverPQ. Cho dù bạn là người mới bắt đầu hay là dân chuyên nghiệp, Area11DiverPQ luôn có những khóa học ESA và PADI, cũng như luôn tổ chức các chuyến lặn biển đặc biệt để biến cuộc phiêu lưu của bạn trở nên thật đáng nhớ.

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Ngoài thưởng thức vẻ đẹp của bãi biển tại Phú Quốc, du khách yêu thích phiêu lưu còn có thể tản bộ qua công viên quốc gia, đắm mình trong hồ bơi với thác nước và khám phá những chuyến lặn biển ngoài khơi. Ngoài ra du khách còn có thể tham gia các hoạt động ngoài chơi như chơi gôn trên sân cỏ. Bảo tàng địa phương cũng là một địa điểm thú vị cho những du khách muốn tìm hiểu về văn hóa nơi đây.

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